How to Stop Car Subwoofer From Moving

If you have a car subwoofer, you no doubt know that it makes a lot of noise and vibrations. Many drivers don’t realize how much their subwoofer moves when they drive. How to Stop Car Subwoofer From Moving.

That situation could cause an accident or distract you from your vehicle’s safety while on the road if it happens too often. However, you might be unable to take countermeasures if your trunk’s subwoofer starts to move independently. Let’s consider a few solutions.

You can quickly solve most problems with a built-in subwoofer by setting up an enclosure in the vehicle’s trunk. You can also install your sound attach with a screw-on clamp or strap used for solid boxes.

You can usually solve your problems somewhat by installing a trunk-mounted subwoofer. You can also use a screw clamp or strong strap to secure your sound attach.


How Do I Mount a Subwoofer in My Trunk?

How Do I Mount a Subwoofer in My Trunk?

It’s crucial to ensure you eliminate dust and debris from the trunk area before inserting a Best Car Subwoofer. The most critical thing is to ensure that misalignment or smashing of the bass speakers does not occur after you trip over a heavy object. How to Stop Car Subwoofer From Moving.

If you test your trunk floor, it must be flat. The best way is to place a floor mat of equal size to the one in the trunk of the bed and cut it to the required shape.

You can then form a wall base from the sub-framed zone to prevent the enclosure from imposing into the sub-framed location.

Problems Caused by Car Subwoofers Moving in the Trunk

Problems Caused by Car Subwoofers Moving in the Trunk

The subwoofer may adjust its location while riding over raised obstacles or on a high-speed maneuver. Compact speakers can be damaged as a result of abrupt acceleration and deceleration.

An auto-relocating subwoofer in the trunk can not only damage sound quality but can cease functioning properly.

I’m sure you don’t desire to substitute for the BEST subwoofer with a defective cone, only because it was captured in the last quarter of a roll whenever the box dropped.

Also, if a speaker moves, some path of the loudspeaker may also scratch over the interior, other apparatus, or wires of the car.

In the event of an accident, if the subwoofer breaks a wire or conduit in the vehicle’s trunk, it can damage the electrical wires and poses a shop fire risk.

How Do You Secure a Sub Box In a Trunk?

How Do You Secure a Sub Box In a Trunk?

Depending on the type of enclosure and wheelchair, it may be most straightforward to place on a trunk floor a special mat to prevent the side movements of a heavy pen. Automotive stores are full of the mats available from this location, which have an attached rubberized backing to fix another object onto the carpet. Place the rug in the trunk of your auto to hold it steady while driving.

Mats are not just used to prevent moving but also to serve as a barrier between the seat and the subwoofer, which minimizes vibrations and rattling when riding in the car. Another option to securely secure the sub is to use the floor mats or a unique strap to fasten the subwoofer on the sidewall or backseat. However, the enclosure will take up some space in the trunk.

Do not be alarmed if heavy objects such as a desktop computer are not resting on the top of the subwoofer. At best, they will damage the speaker’s cone and, at worst, collapse the automobile.

Can I Use My Trunk as a Sub Box?

Can I Use My Trunk as a Sub Box?

You should install high-quality sound systems in polar bear boxes. Nevertheless, some subwoofers are called foot cans, which can be installed in cars without enclosures. With this subwoofer, the entire trunk acts as an enclosure. Foot cans can be installed in the back decks or mounted to the backseats.

Installation in this kind of setup allows you to install car subwoofers even in cars with little trunk room, where you do not have to take the limited space to use as a trunk and subwoofers. The only drawback is that this installation system does not yield as much bass as car subwoofers constructed into enclosed compartments due to the concave surface eliminating some frequencies. How to Stop Car Subwoofer From Moving.

Subwoofers must be mounted to flat surfaces on a solid base for the sound to be booming. In similar terms, to strengthen the rear panel, you can use MDF or plywood rather than placing them on the thin plastic lining of the interior. The subs are also to be mounted at the rear of the seats instead of directly on the stools themselves.

Which Way Should I Face My Subwoofer in My Trunk?

Which Way Should I Face My Subwoofer in My Trunk?

Some people take positions on the enjoyment of sub walls facing the automobile’s rear. I believe that people with this method might find it problematic when the sub walls are not tall enough for their legs. It may be tricky to do, as the trunk of some vehicles is shallower than others.

In this way, the motor car subwoofer will not detect any obstacles, and all the frequencies will be directed towards the rear window. Be cautious, however, and do not place anything directly on the hole. Otherwise, it will become ruined. A good practice is to cover the car subwoofer using a grill to shield it from mechanical harm.


Please make sure that the car subwoofer in the trunk is securely in place, as you do not want it to get damaged while you’re driving and do not want anything undesirable to emerge. When purchasing such a subwoofer, you are also vital that you are aware of the necessary care and attention that it needs.

You ought to look after your wires and be mindful of their solid connection to help prevent them from wrinkling up in the event of their disconnection.

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